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When starting your application it can sometimes be daunting knowing where to begin. We hope we can help you familiarise yourself with Alpine Elements – if you haven’t already heard of us – and help you put your best foot forward. You will find a number of useful inks below to help you get started. we look forward to receiving your application!

What Our Staff Say?

Employer of Choice


Our staff love working for us! An amazing 91% of our staff would recommend us to their family and friends as an Employer of Choice!

(Winter Ski Programme – 2014-2015, Staff Survey)

Professional Development


100% of our beach staff team who requested development, gained an additional RYA Watersports Qualification through Alpine Elements Sponsorship. 50% of the team (30 staff) successfully completed the Professional Development Programme.

(Beach Club Programme – Summer 2014)

Overseas Support


We pride ourselves on knowing each of our staff personally. 93% of our staff agree that our HR support & communication is “Excellent”

(Winter Ski Programme, 2014 – 2015, Staff Survey)

Staff Retention


By retaining 84% of our Managers and HOD’s we are building a strong management team to support, train and develop our next generation of Managers.

(Winter 2014/15 – Summer 2015 staff retention)

What’s Next?

1. We will always let you know the outcome of your application

Once your application has been received, we will email you to let you know the outcome regardless of the decision. We will try to respond to all applications within 14 days.

If we wish to invite you to one of our regional Assessment Days or a one to one interview, we will email you. There will be a link in your email to help you find a convenient location for your assessment centre or one of our Head Office Interview days. Follow the link to find an Assessment Centre or Interview Day that suits you.

You will receive an invite to an Assessment Day / Interview by email,  if we wish to progress with your application.

2. Choosing your Assessment Centre

We have a number of Assessment Centres that we run throughout the summer for our winter ski roles and throughout Winter for our summer roles. These consist of:

Visits to Chalet Cookery Courses
Regional assessment centres around the UK
Wimbledon Assessment Days – (our most frequent Assessment Days run each week)
Head Office Assessment Days we set these days aside for Manager, Supervisors and Chefs

You can find an Assesment Day that suits you here!

What happens at an Assessment Day?


Now you have selected your Assessment Day or Head Office one to one Interview, you are now ready to call us to book in for your Assessment Day.

CALL 0203 393 8955

Monday 09:00 – 18:00
Tuesday 09:00 – 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 – 18:00
Thursday 09:00 – 18:00
Friday 09:00 – 18:00

You will receive an invite to an Assessment Day / Interview by email,  if we wish to progress with your application.